Mid-Late 2019 Updates

In late 2019 we’ve been busy finalizing the payment engine for the GroupThinq launch as well as eliminating any of the few remaining bugs. While the tech team works to complete those items, our design team is hard at work on the latest updates coming in mid 2019. These include:

1) Adding a Timer to the Timesheets

The timer will allow people to click to start, pause, or click to finish and the time will be automatically added to the timesheets. 

2) Time Banking

Some companies track overtime and allow staff to use the overtime as time-in-lieu or banked time. Along with tracking overtime and banked time, additional approval reports are being built to approve and track banked time used. We hope to have ready for late 2019.

3) New Springboard Reports and Report Updates

The springboard reports will see a big improvement in mid 2019 with a cleaner look, improved business metrics, better search filtering and new charts and graphs.

4) Report Tips

The reports in GroupThinq may be a little confusing for the uninitiated. We’re adding tips and hints on all the reports so you understand how to make the most of each report.

5) Artificial Intelligence and the GroupThinq Advisor

The GroupThinq Advisor will be a revolutionary technology that will inform staff, controllers and owners about project and company trends that will improve your business. The Advisor will be like a virtual CFO for your organization. Coming in mid 2020.


Remember to keep in touch and let us know what features your team needs so we can prioritize the updates to meet your needs. We’ll keep you up to date right here with the latest feature releases once we launch the new payment engine for GroupThinq.

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