Group Collaboration

A common tool in the cloud to enable group collaboration on consulting projects.

Teams can work together more productively to achieve the financial goals of a project when they have the info they need at their fingertips to make smart decisions.

A carefully conceived delegation system can help individuals and groups to become more effective project managers and team members. 

Shared Delagation

Tired of using 10 different software tools to run your office? GroupThinq offers the power of multiple software solutions to collaborate.

Collaborate in the Cloud

Groupthinq is accessible from anywhere using the power of the cloud. Now you don't need to be in the office to work together.

Collaboration Automation

With smart tools like GroupThinq, project collaboration is vastly simplied. Auto notifications let you know when key milestones are met or exceeded.

Group Collaboration

Working together is much simpler in the cloud


Project Tasks

Create project tasks, assign to team members, set task deadlines and durations and confirm when tasks have been completed. See them all on a task calendar.

Automated Notifications

GroupThinq has a robust and customizable notifications engine that updates the right people at the right time for all project-based activities. Use GroupThinq instead of email to manage discussions, messages and journal entries for a project and keep these linked to the project forever.


Vacation and Sick Time Approvals, Timesheet Approvals and Expense Approvals. Tracking approvals and collaborating with your team has never been easier.

Collaborate on a network in the cloud.

Making out-of-office collaboration easier

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