Collective Management

GroupThinq is the first business intelligence application designed from the ground up to foster a collaborative business ecosystem.

Collective Management is like project management on steroids.

Collective intelligence is the shared intelligence that emerges from the collaboration, collective efforts, and competition of many individuals and is part of consensus decision making. 

Shared Project Status

Your team can see the status of every project right from their timesheets allowing them to self-organize to meet budgets better.

Connected Controllers

Connect your controller directly to the people doing the work with automated notifications at every stage of the project.

Realtime Feedback

Give project managers the gift of realtime feedback at every phase of a project. Shared knowledge changes attitudes and behaviours.

Collective Management

Connect people with the knowledge they need to work collectively


Smart Notifications

At the heart of collective management is the smart notifications engine. The right people will be notified at the right time of events that impact the success of projects and the company. Like when a project phase goes over-budget or when a new invoice is created.

You’ll be immediately notified on your mobile device.

Give your Team Vital Project Info

Your team can bring project phases in on budget when they have access to the time remaining. This is recalculated every time someone adds time on their timesheet, and it is visible right on their timesheet. “Collective Intelligence” allows teams to spontaneously self-organize.

Project Feedback Every Day as They Work

Your entire team will have access to the time remaining on each phase of the project as they work. This information is where self-organization and collective intelligence begins. Individuals will quickly change their behaviour once they know the rules of the game….one is to not exceed the project budget.

Staff Resource Assignments

Manage your staff workflow for the coming weeks and months by assigning people time on projects. Assigned time is visible right in their timesheet so it’s clear what needs to be completed each week.

Staff resourcing” is coming in 2019.

Share Info about Project Phases

Break a project down into phases and share the days allocated to each phase with staff so they can self-organize to meet the budget and show them their progress as they work. Simple sharing cultivates the collective.

Mobilize the collective intelligence of your team using real-time project accounting

cultivate a collective culture in your office

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