Intelligence reports reveal the hidden facets of your organization ... effortlessly

With GroupThinq's Intelligent Advisor, every person in your business becomes smarter, more connected and more responsive.

With real-time intelligence, project managers, owners and controllers have the information they need to make informed decisions.  

Owners Reports

Watch the status of your projects, invoicing, receivables, and budgets in real-time. Monitor work-in-progress to ensure deadlines are be met. 

Project Status

Your team can see the status of every project right from their timesheets allowing them to self-organize to meet budgets better.

GT Advisor

Tap into the power of artificial intelligence to enlist a virtual CFO for your organization. Receive monthly tips on how to improve every facet of your business (Coming in 2019).

Business Intelligence (BI)

See how Business Intelligence will make you and your company smarter and more profitable with realtime information about your project budgets, division & staff performance, and overall business performance.


Active Projects Report

View at a glance all your active projects and their progress in realtime. Useful for your Monday morning meetings and for regular review by owners.

Managers Report

See which the workload of each manager including how much work has been completed and billed. This will show you quickly who has capacity.

Monthly Invoice Report

See your monthly invoicing at a glance and review the status of payments and sent invoices. Draft invoices are also here to review and approve before sending.

Aged Receivables Report

See the current status of all your overdue invoices including the average days overdue, the total value and a breakdown of 0-30, 30-60, 60-90 and + 90 days overdue. Your controller can also keep notes on calls for payment.

Division Income Report

Watch the progress of each division in your company over time from year to year.

Client Type Income Report

See where your revenue is coming from on every project by seeing your revenue by client types.

Proposal Report

Review the wins and losses for all your proposals including your proposal success rate, who is winning and loosing and the total non-billable time being spent on proposals by every person involved. See a calendar with every proposal due date so deadlines aren’t missed.

Staff Utilization Report

See how billable every staff member is on a monthly and annual basis. 

Work in Progress Report

Work in Progress tells you whether you are under-staffed or over-staffed in the coming months. You can even track staffing needs by division. Clearly see when you need to hire new staff, contract-out or fill-the-funnel.

Project Manager Performance Report

See the performance of every project manager at a glance and click on any one for a more in depth summary of which projects they ran well and which ones suffered.

Improve your your business insights and make smarter business decisions with GroupThinq

business intelligence that makes you a smarter business owner.

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