Tutorial Videos

You’ll be a power-user & a vastly smarter business owner in no time

GroupThinq Explainer

Discover the power of GroupThinq and the hidden potential of your consulting firm. 

Getting Started

Let’s quickly get up and running with GroupThinq. 

Admin Tutorial

This tutorial provides an overview of GroupThinq’s admin section. Only administrators have access to the Admin section of groupThinq.

SpringBoard Tutorial

This tutorial provides an overview of the comprehensive reporting available through GroupThinq’s springboard. Each person’s springboard is customized based on their role in the organization. Owners see all the information, while staff only see active projects and project status.

Contacts Tutorial

Learn how contacts work in GroupThinq. Most of your contacts will be your clients, but they can also be suppliers, or other sub-consultants. Keep track of all your contacts here so they are available to projects and invoices. 

Projects Tutorial

A well conceived project provides all the information your team needs to execute. Financial info is only available to project managers and their supervisors (as well as owners and controllers). Active projects, will available to staff’s timesheets. 

Timesheets Tutorial

Smart timesheets provide instant feedback to staff about how much time is remaining in each phase of the project and the overall project as they fill out their time. Let your team self-organize to best meet the project budget. 

Tasks Tutorial

Manage every task, deadline and assignment with tasks. Instead of using email, keep track of every task assigned to the project.

Reports Tutorial

Everything you put into GroupThinq can be accessed in the reports section if you have the right permissions set in the Admin section. Your GroupThinq Administrator has control over the group permissions.

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