The Evolution of Time Team Project Management


the business of consulting

Sound familiar? If so, you need GroupThinq.

Are you still managing your projects with spreadsheets?
No-one knows what budget has been spent on a project?
Is there visible friction between accounting and the teams doing the work?
Do your timesheets just annoy people instead of making them smarter?
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The Tool Your Company Needs


GroupThinq is a modern, cloud-based time and project management platform used by every member of your team every day, creating insights and intelligence that makes everyone smarter and more productive.


Owners become infinitely more confident about the business, staff become more engaged and accountable, and financial controllers become effortlessly connected to the teams doing the work.



As your team adds time to a project, the budgeted time remaining is instantly recalculated and is visible to all in their timesheets. This is where accountability and collective intelligence start to change behaviours and foster greater productivity.


Budget Reports

Project progress reports are available to everyone directly from their timesheets; showing everyone how much time is remaining on every phase of the project. The report is updated in realtime as people add time to the project. Staff instantly know when a phase budget has been exceeded.



Project managers can now easily create invoices, which when saved, are sent directly your client and/or your financial controller. Time and expenses can easily be imported straight from timesheets or expense reports to create an invoice. Invoicing has never been so intuitive. 



GroupThinq includes every type of report needed to run a successful consulting firm. You don’t need to be a business expert or an accountant to see the metrics that make your company tick. 



It’s easy to set up the financial information for every project, including sub-consultant Purchase Orders, and project change orders, while monitor accounts receivable, and managing bills from subs.

GroupThinq Lives In The Cloud,

So it’s accessible anywhere from your web browser

No more software installs, updates, serial numbers, or server backups. Your team can work from anywhere and still be connected to the business.

What Our Users are Saying...

GroupThinq is the missing tool for consulting businesses

Working Remotely?

Want to stay connected to the business while working apart?

GroupThinq allows your team to stay linked with project budgets, timelines, project expenses, invoices, timesheets and most importantly…each other, when you need to work apart.

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