With Smart Timesheets, everyone knows how much time is remaining on each phase of the project.

Staff can now make more informed decisions about how to spend their time to meet the financial goals of the project. Accountability is only a click away.


Get smarter with your most valuable commodity!

Job Reports

It's easy to run a job time report, display billable hours, or see what the cost of an overbudget project means.

Budget Remaining

Everyone will know how much time has been spent, who spent it and how much is left. This creates instant accountability.

Leave Requests

Vacation, sick time, banked time, and over-time can all be tracked easily from GroupThinq's timesheet window.

Making Time Transparent

When time becomes visible to everyone, organizations become smarter, more efficient and more profitable



Add your weekly projects to your timesheets and track progress in realtime as you add time to a job. Your timesheets are available anywhere over the web. No more waiting till you get to work to fill out your time.

What Makes Timesheets Smart?

Click on the job progress bar in timesheets and you have access to the time remaining in every phase of the project. With every hour added to a project, the time remaining in the budget gets reduced. Teams are now more accountable for project budgets as they work without the need for dated accounting reports.

Realtime project budget updates in timesheets make groups smarter and more accountable.

Add Hours to a Phase

Instead of blindly adding hours to a project, break it down into phases and allocate time to each phase from the timesheets. Partitioning projects into smaller phases is the first step to financial accountability. 

Job Time Reporting

Easily run a job report from timesheets to make everyone’s contribution instantly visible.

Leave Requests and Tracking

Submit vacation requests, sick days or banked overtime leave directly from timesheets. The vacation calendar is visible and minimizes vacation overlap with other staff. Requests are sent off to the right person for approval.

Vacation, Sick and Bank Time Leave Approvals

All Leave-time requests from timesheets are sent to the Approval section of GroupThinq for approval and tracking. Leave-time (vacation, sick, overtime, bank time) is easily tracked throughout the year and the leave-time remaining shows clearly on everyone’s timesheets and on their springboard. 

Easily track and manage vacations, sick time, overtime and banked time through GroupThinq. 

Job Timer

Click the timer in the timesheets to start recording time on a project. Pause, reset or stop saving time when you are finished working.

Timesheet Approvals

Track and approve/reject timesheets easily in GroupThinq. Un-submitted timesheets are also easily visible and weekly timesheet reminders are sent from within GroupThinq notifications. 

Improve your team's time-management and foster time accountability with GroupThinq

Making TIME visible for ORGANIZATIONS

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