Groupthinq Front End Update Spring 2018

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No, you’re not seeing things, we’ve done a complete refresh on the GroupThinq front-end web experience in May 2018. The new website highlights some of our new partnerships with university and college programs teaching professional practice, and some of our new government users. The new site also highlights some of the users and groups using GroupThinq in their daily practice. The focus on consultants remains as strong as ever, but our growing user base is becoming more diverse requiring some changes to how we explain what GroupThinq is and who it serves.

Once you log-in, the site still looks the same, however, we are making some changes to make the site more mobile friendly for GroupThinq users on the road. We’ve been busy in the winter of 2018 moving GroupThinq to a dedicated server and we are hard at work on a new staff resourcing module that will soon allow scheduling for individuals and teams on projects. We’ll be giving users a sneak peek in the coming months.

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