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Rise of the Planet of Business Ecosystems

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Whether you agree with Darwin’s theory of evolution or not, one thing is definitely certain. Scientists have learned a great deal from the behavior of animals and insects throughout the years. These learned techniques and strategies are often applied to everyday business. Collective Intelligence is one such idea gathered primarily from swarms of bees or groups of ants, that promotes collaboration and adaptive networks in the workplace. It is fascinating to observe how organisms interact within themselves and the environment in natural ecosystems. Business ecosystems thrive off a similar idea.



Cultivating a business ecosystem starts by networking your employees and providing the tools and data they need to grow the business. Similar to nature, internal business ecosystems motivate organizations to create resources,share said resources, co-evolve, and collaborate. Taking advantage of the right business tools will create a seamless transition from a separated workplace to a adaptive network. GroupThinq achieves this by empowering individuals and connecting roles within an organization.


Individuals need access to the tools which facilitate measuring success, coordinating, and self organization. Lions and Lionesses keep their cubs close, but allow enough freedom for them to learn how to hunt and survive. They provide them with the means, and in return they get the outcome they were hoping for. GroupThinq expands boundaries and provides the necessary transparency in an organization which will not only align goals and company visions, but it will allow smooth sailing for your team and projects to run like never before.  This networked organization “Wild Cats” mentality reduces bureaucratic layers and permits a level of individualism creativity and innovation that traditional organizations can’t match.


Organizations aim to connect roles with all the information each one needs to realize efficiency. What Aristotle said about “the whole being greater than the sum of its parts” could not be more accurate. Beehives, ant colonies, wolf packs… many animals and insects display a form of collective intelligence.This synergy not only promotes efficiency and increases output, but allows for a more comfortable and happy work environment. Individual geniuses may be able to add new ideas and bring a sense of advancement, however if teams are unable to work together, these ideas become meaningless. It is easier than ever to track what your colleagues are working on, and adjust accordingly using GroupThinq’s collective management system.


GroupThinq allows businesses to follow science and nature’s lead. Adopting networked groups and self-organizing is used as a way to help guide your business. We all know that the world is constantly evolving as laggards are left behind. It is the successful businesses, those that evolve just as rapidly and effectively, who will take the lead. “…not the strongest nor most intelligent, but those most responsive to change.”

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