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GroupThinq wins two business Intelligence software awards

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GroupThinq was recently put in the spotlight and we’d like to share some great developments that ensued. Our cloud based project management and business intelligence (BI) software was reviewed by trusted B2B directory and came out with a score of 8.0 out of 10 and an absolute user satisfaction rating of 100%. Reviewers zeroed in on how GroupThinq is able to help consulting firms and professionals manage and grow their business by integrating BI, project accounting, collective management, and group collaboration capabilities in a single, unified package.

With an integrated platform, users are able to utilize a robust and smart project accounting system that provides a big picture of daily processes, delivering relevant information to guide business decisions. Likewise, GroupThinq’s powerful artificial intelligence helps users in all areas of their business such as simplifying every task and streamlining every function. This facilitates better communication and collaboration between teams and individuals. Going beyond traditional cloud-based project management functions that offer intelligent timesheets, expense management and reporting, holiday and sick leave tracking, and task management, GroupThinq provides features that integrate multiple facets of business to assist users in making better and informed decisions at every step and phase. These capabilities were recognized by reviewers, conferring on GroupThinq the 2017 Rising Star Award and Great User Experience Award and a recommendation in their what is business intelligence software guide. The awards are granted to select products that have earned solid customer following on the basis of performance and usability. We extend a big thank you to FinancesOnline for giving us these badges of distinction.

To our surprise, the recognition did not stop there. The awards and positive reviews resulted in some movements in FinancesOnline’s dynamic software rankings. GroupThinq was catapulted into the elite list of leading business intelligence software tools, joining the ranks of big name BI players in the market. GroupThinq now brushes shoulders with the best of the best, and we can say we are at par when it comes to features, performance and capabilities. Our software equips users with a potent AI to let them know everything about their projects as well as manage projects effectively. Today’s businesses need super smart advisers, and GroupThing helps users become one of them.

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