Phases Update July 2021

In July 2021, we are preparing to create much greater flexibility to the “phases” section of GroupThinq; and in the process we will be removing the previous Division Allocations section from the Project>Project Financials>Fees section.

The new and improved Phases section now allows you to assign multiple divisions to a phase, each with its own separate average hourly rate and budget. This update also summarizes each division’s budget to create a new division allocation summary table at the bottom of the phases section. This change reduces some redundancy from the previous version which had two division allocations in two separate sections. This change will also pave the way for some new amazing Invoice updates coming in July 2021.

If you need access to your old Division Allocations data (previously located at Projects>Project Financials>Fees), we have relocated it to a new button in the Project>Phases section (see the “Show Pre-2021 Division Allocations” button below).

As part of this change, you’ll notice a new “Add Phase” pop-up window that allows you to add multiple divisions, to change the Avg Hourly Rate, and to add a budget to each division. See below.

These changes give you much more flexibility to add multiple divisions in your organization to the phases of your project.

What does this change mean for you?

If you are already using phases, all of your phase data will be imported into the new format when it launches. But now more than ever, it will be important to set budgets for each phase to help your team understand the budget remaining as they fill out their timesheets. This new change also allocates fees to each division in your office (if you have more than 1). We think you are going to love the simple changes.

“Scope Change” Update 2021

These new phase changes add some minor changes to the Scope Change pop-up window (Projects>Project Financials>Fees). Now, with every new scope change, a new phase is automatically added to your project and, like the new phase changes, you can allocate scope to one or more divisions along with fees. This saves you from having to go through a 2 step process required in the previous version. Now the scope change creates a new phase automatically in one smooth step.

Coming Next Month

We’re excited to share our new invoice changes tracking for Aug 2021. We have some new invoice formats that have long been requested. More about that soon.

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