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Working Remotely as a Consulting Team

Cloud-based software is rapidly replacing traditional desktop applications, with the added benefits of (1) not needing to install it on a local computers or servers, (2) no requirement for software updates, and (3) no serial numbers to manage. It is available simply by logging in from a browser. Cloud software’s most important attribute is that it is accessible from any location, and any device, and it can network instantly to share information with people in realtime. Desktop applications are usually designed to be used by individuals (Photoshop or AutoCad) and cloud applications are usually designed for sharing and social networking (Facebook or Instagram). 

But what about your consulting business applications? Your timesheets, invoices, bills, purchase orders, expenses, vacation/sick tracking, document storage, project management and accounting applications? Typically they were designed for use by individuals like book-keepers and accountants and they have been traditionally ‘fire-walled’ from staff. But in a world where software settings can control specifically what groups or individuals see what data (think Facebook sharing settings), surely businesses would benefit from cloud-based approach rather than a desktop approach to their business systems?

Your Business in the Cloud

This March 2020, remote teams turned to collaborative cloud tools like Slack, Zoom, and MS Teams to improve remote collaboration with each other. These web tools help them stay connected from remote locations by voice, video, text and by file sharing. If your office is new to working remotely, these tools are invaluable. 

So, while Individuals are indeed well connected via the cloud, they are still not well connected to the ‘business’. 

GroupThinq was developed specifically to connect individuals to the business by bringing everyone the financial information they need to run projects from any location. GroupThinq is a project management and project accounting application made for your entire team to use every day. Because your business lives in the cloud, It’s available from anywhere; providing staff with the real-time feedback they need to manage projects and that owners need to manage their company. Specifically, GroupThinq was designed to coordinate 3 groups remotely:

1) Owners & Managers. GroupThinq provides a full overview of your business in realtime to owners and managers. Monthly invoicing, project status and financial reports, division performance, individual project manager’s performance, accounts receivable reports, overdue statements, bills from other sub-consultants, to track the success of your proposals, etc. All the information you need to make informed business decisions, and all in real-time. 

GroupThinq Staff Utilization Report. One of many Owner reports.

2) Book-Keepers, Controllers and Accountants. Every invoice created by your project manager is sent immediately to your controller through notifications or email, bills from subs can be coordinated immediately with the project manager for approval, purchase orders are easily created, scope changes are easy to create and division allocations are easy to manage. Controllers are connected directly to the teams doing the work through automatic notifications

GroupThinq Invoice Notification sent from a PM to Accounting.

3) Staff and Project Managers. GroupThinq connects your staff to the financial information they need every day to effectively run projects and keep them on-budget, to document how their time is spent, to record and manage their vacations and sick time, to see upcoming due dates and proposal due dates, and to communicate the level of effort for each phase of a project. For project managers, it allows them to create and manage invoices, to approve bill payments from other consultants, and to have access to financial information needed to run their project.  

GroupThinq Staff Timesheets. Note project progress bar on right.
Status Update
GroupThinq Project Status Update visible to all staff.

Connecting Staff to your Business Remotely

GroupThinq is the missing link to connect your staff, your controllers, and your management team to the financial operation of your business in the cloud. GroupThinq’s smart networking tools coordinates all the information needed for each role in your organization, exactly when they need it. GroupThinq significantly simplifies the business of consulting through an intelligent network in the cloud. Try it out yourself and see how quickly your team and business can work together harmoniously from remote locations. 

GroupThinq Invoice created by the project manager. Save it, and it's automatically sent to your book-keeper or accountant.
GroupThinq invoice report available for Owners and book-keepers/office managers.

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