December 2018 Updates

In December 2018, we added some much requested features to improve GroupThinq‘s consulting tools, including a completely updated front end to our website which will allow for better blogging, more frequent updates, and better documentation of our monthly software updates. As a result, look for more frequent updates in 2019. 

While we prepare for our upcoming launch, we have added some useful new features, including our most requested feature, ‘Variable Rates‘ for different projects. The Software Updates are summarized below.


1. New Rates Tab

Over the last year, our most requested feature has been to allow for variable staff rates on different projects. You’ll find the new rates tab in Projects > Project Financials as shown below.

Now you will be able to change the staff rates for each project but the rates will always start from the staff rates you set in the Admin section for each employee. Now, if you increase your rates in 2019 (Admin > Staff), every new project will start with your new rates without impacting the old rates on past projects. We’ll be adding a new video tutorial in the coming weeks.

2. Client Invoice Payment Tracking

We have tweeked the Client Invoices tab to add the average days paid for all invoices. This will let you know how long it usually takes for your client to pay their invoice. The variable is useful in our new Aged Receivable Report shown below.


3. New Aged Receivables Report

We have built a new AR Report in the Springboard section available to those who have the right permissions (like owners and controllers). Your controller can update the payment status of invoices directly from the grid and they can also add notes when calling clients to get a payment update. The grid also shows the “Average Days to Pay” for each client so you can focus collections on clients that have a history of delayed payments. 

4. New Proposal Project Header

We added a new button and header for Proposals under the project section. The new proposals project type allows you to track non-billable time on individual projects much better than before. Now you can add specific proposals to your timesheets (which show up in blue text at the bottom of the grid), track time by all staff and track the successes and failures of your proposals in the new updated Proposal report in the Springboard.

5. Updated Springboard > Proposals Tab

We have updated and simplified the proposals tab to track success and failure with proposals. With the new proposal header, the springboard will track the person responsible for proposal wins. A win automatically turns a proposal into a new project. Make sure you have all your hours accounted for in timesheets before converting a proposal to a new project. The new proposals tab tracks every new win, who led the proposal and what the amount is.

6. Timesheet Score Visibility Preference

If you want to show your team’s timesheet scores report on everyones springboard, you can do that now with a new setting under Admin > Approvals > Permissions (if you are an administrator). Simply check the “Timesheet Scores Report” checkbox to have the report show up for all to see on their springboard. Showing this Timesheet Scores report may put pressure on people to complete their timesheets daily.

7. New Project Annual Report

We’ve added a new Annual Report in the Reports > Project Reports > Annual Report section. This report will provide you with a good status update on the annual performance of your company. These custom report requests come from our users and they are relatively easy for us to build, so if you have any requests, please send them through to

8. WIP to Invoice Report

Ever wonder if you’ve missed any invoicing for hours that may have been worked since your last invoice? Check out the new WIP (Work in Progress) to invoice report. This handy report will tell you the value of any staff hours worked on a project since your last invoice. Watch this report when you’re invoicing and you’ll never miss another invoice again.

We’ve had an extremely busy fall 2018 with many new updates; and as we move into our full launch in early 2019, we are busy setting up the payment engine and refining our new Artificial Intelligence module, the ‘GroupThinq Advisor‘. Thanks to all you GroupThinq users who are providing useful feedback to our development team. We’ll have more frequent updates on our progress in 2019.

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