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We are making the process of learning GroupThinq easier to learn with the release of ‘section videos’ within every section of GroupThinq. Each section video is customized specifically for that section, helping you to learn faster and without having to leave your page.

When you log-in to your GroupThinq account, look for the following ‘Section Tutorial’ button, shown below, to watch a tutorial of how that specific section works.


You no longer have to go to the Tutorials section of GroupThinq to learn about how the software works. The section tutorials allow us to add new features and then quickly update the section tutorial so you can learn about any new features. 

Remember, if you ever have a question, click the new ‘Chat with us’ button in the bottom right corner of every screen to chat with one of our helpful support staff anytime.

With this new release, we’re trying to make learning GroupThinq much simpler for everyone to learn.

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