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  • 1. Who is GroupThinq made for?

    GroupThinq is designed for time-billing consulting firms but it is also useful for anyone who needs to manage projects, time, tasks, expenses and vacation/sick time. Everyone in the office, from secretaries, accounting/controllers, owners, management and general staff can use GroupThinq. GroupThinq is the missing organizational & management tool for every consulting firm and its staff.

  • 2. Do I have to switch the entire office to GroupThinq all at once?

    No, you can start with one project or one division at a time; ease into it at your own pace. Try with a few staff, and you'll quickly see how easy it is to add people, projects, clients and tasks. In no time, you'll find it's an indispensable tool for your entire organization.

  • 3. Can I import data from my existing management system into GroupThinq?

    We have developed standard Excel templates that can be imported into GroupThinq. Simply request a template at support@groupthinq.com and fill out the spreadsheet using our template. Send it back to us and we'll import it for you. In no time your data will be live in GroupThinq. It is easy to start GroupThinq midway through any project.

  • 4. What is the difference between project management and collective management?

    Project management applications focus on the project and time-lines. Collective management focuses on managing and connecting your team first to allow them to manage the project. This subtle difference allows your teams to work together on projects in a way that traditional project management software simply cannot.

  • 5. Is GroupThinq an Accounting System?

    No, GroupThinq is meant to work alongside an accounting application, not replace it. GroupThinq is a "pre-accounting" application; that means it can use data from the entire team to make accounting tasks much easier and faster. For instance, project managers can create invoices, staff can input expenses, and bills from contractors can be recorded. These occur at the project level separate from the accounting system and your accounting still stays at arms length from staff. GroupThinq is a collaborative project accounting application.

  • 6. Can GroupThinq export data to common accounting applications?

    Currently, GroupThinq data can be manually copied and pasted into accounting systems but we are working on interfacing with several accounting platforms starting with Quick Books in the fall of 2017. We are currently looking into integrating with other accounting applications. Drop us a line at support@groupthinq.com to let us know which systems you would like integration with.

  • 7. What happens to the "associated" project data if a staff member leaves GroupThinq?

    Staff members add hours, expenses, messages, tasks, etc. to projects as they work. What happens to that data if the staff member ever leaves GroupThinq? Simply "archive" that user under the Admin/Staff section and this locks the user out of Groupthinq, while preserving the associated data with the project.

  • 8. What about "permissions" in GroupThinq?

    Project financial information, invoices, clients, and company analytics are sensitive and you want to control access to this data. GroupThinq allows you to control the permissions of groups based on their role in the company. Owners can have full access, managers more limited access, etc. You control who can access specific data in GroupThinq based on their role in the organization. Each staff member has a role, and each role has different permissions in GroupThinq.

  • 9. Can I get my GroupThinq messages and tasks sent to my email?

    Yes, simply go to your settings (located in the top right corner) and set what type of GroupThinq messages you want sent to your email.

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