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The Evolution of Project Management, Time Billing & Group Collaboration!

Making the business of consulting infinitely easier and more profitable

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...yes, of course we have that, but GroupThinq is much more than a traditional project management tool. It's a collaborative project accounting tool used by your entire team every day to transform the way they run projects, manage their time & budgets and connect to your accounting department or controller. With access to real-time project data, your team will be infinitely smarter, more engaged and more accountable for their time.


Discover the missing tool to tame the chaos and frustrations of running a consulting business; and watch your team begin to work together with the efficiency you never thought was possible.

Smart Timesheets, Invoices, Expense Reporting, Vacation/Sick Tracking, Tasks, & Real-time business Intelligence....all in the Cloud

COLLECTIVE intelligence

for TEAms



Imagine having access to artificial intelligence (AI) to shed light on every aspect your business? When should you hire? Which projects are tanking and why?  Which teams and individuals are performing? Intelligence far beyond what your accounting system (or accountant) can provide.

GroupThinq is like having a super smart business advisor as a partner; helping you grow your bottom line, showing you inefficiencies and motivating your entire team to be better.


Discover the power of an AI expert tuned to every aspect of your business.

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It's about Time

Businesses excel when the entire group understands the value of their time. GroupThinq shows everyone the financial impacts of time in a way that is easily understood.

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Seeing the Invisible

Real-time reporting and analytics provide an instant snapshot of your company, your projects and your teams. It's like X-ray goggles for your company; you'll see insights that were previously invisible.

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Self-Organizing Teams

Self-organizing teams have the power to transform companies, projects and staff. GroupThinq is the first 'collective management' tool for business, bringing a new level of organization to your teams.

Reward your team with the information they need to be successful and organized. In return, they will reward you with higher revenues, happier clients and higher productivity.


See what makes GroupThinq different :

Organize & conquer



Project Accounting

Collective Management

Group Collaboration



Accounting systems are great for filing a year-end but they suck at running a day-to-day consulting practice. "Project accounting" is a greatly simplified form of accounting that precedes your accounting system and is used by your entire team every day to manage projects.

The paradox of project accounting is that it is vastly simpler to use than an accounting system (because it's designed for non-accountants), but it provides far more useful information to help run your business, your projects and your teams. Let your accountant file your year-end, but take charge of your company's future with the missing step before accounting.


Stop trying to run your company by looking in the rear view mirror. Discover the power and simplicity of project accounting. Discover GroupThinq!

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